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Engineering Services

We gladly offer the following services

  1. Arc Flash Services
    • See the Arc Flash Services link to the left.
  2. Electrical Power Studies
    • An Electrical Power Study is a combination of any or all of the electrical power studies available to analyze and diagnose your electrical power system. El-Ark specializes in those studies most important and beneficial for you to maintain and optimize your electrical power system. These include the Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, Short Circuit Study, Protective Device Coordination, Power Flow Analysis, Power Quality Analysis, Motor Starting Analysis, and more.
  3. Short Circuit Studies
    • Performed to determine if the interrupting capacities of the power system components are adequate enough to protect your power system. The National Electrical Code® requires that all short circuit interrupting devices have ratings adequate for the current which must be interrupted. A severe fault (short circuit) can have catastrophic consequences on your electrical system. Electrical systems often go through changes without consideration of short circuit level and equipment rating changes. New installations aren't immune, and fault currents can vary between systems and locations.
  4. Protective Device Coordination Studies
    • Performed to ensure that the system protective devices will quickly isolate a fault and minimize the disturbance on your electrical system. This study will show us the values of fault currents within your system and show you the impact short circuits and failures would have on your protective devices and your facility's operation.
  5. Power Quality Analysis
    • Performed to determine the quality of the power your facility is receiving from your local utility.  This study will determine the need for power conditioners such as power factor correcting capacitors, isolation transformers, etc.  This study will help your facility save money and prevent premature failure of electrical components.
  6. Power Flow Analysis
  7. Motor Starting Analysis
  8. Design and Install under one contract
    • Single Source Responsibility - This approach provides engineering and installation by one entity.  This allows for a single point of responsibility for a project from start to finish and also allows the owner to only have to deal with one point of contact for every aspect of the electrical system of a project.
    • Reduced Burden on the Project Manager - This approach allows the Project Manager to focus more on decision making instead of having to go back and forth between the Engineering Firm and the Installation Contractor.
    • Optimized Engineering - The Installation Contractor is normally in a better position than an Engineering Firm to determine the most cost effective design or specification for a project because they know what it takes to install a system and make it work. 
    • Time Savings - The total time of the project is reduced because at the same time the Engineer is designing the system, they can be working up a material list and a manpower estimate that can be easily turned into a firm price with very little additonal work.  Also with this approach, the Design Engineer knows what the budget is and can ensure that the firm price does not exceed the budget. 
  9. Preventive Maintenace - Energized
    • Visual Inspections - use our experts to identify problems before they cause downtime and/or outages as well as plan more efficiently for future outages.
    • Hot Spots - reduce costly downtime by eliminating hot spots.
    • Infrared, Power Factor, True RMS and Harmonics - reduce the risks of catastrophic failure and improve power quality as well as reduce your energy bill.
    • Insurance - hold down your insurance premiums through proper preventive maintenance.
  10. Preventive Maintenance - De-Energized
    • Megger testing of bus bars, cable and motor windings etc. - can show problems before a failure can cause any system disruption.
    • Inspect and Re-Torque Connections - eliminate fire hazards and wasted electricity by eliminating high resistance or loose connections.
    • Clean and Vacuum MCCs - eliminate possible fires and short circuits by vacuuming out MCCs that may not be located in ideal locations such as on Operating floors etc.
  11. Switchgear Maintenance
    • Check for proper operation, clean and re-lubricate critical switch gear annually to prevent catastrophic failures and keep insurance premiums low.
  12. Infrared Surveying
    • Performed while equipment is running under normal conditions to get an accurate view of circuit loads, hot spots, loose connections, etc.
    • Nice bound documentation with pictures so that problems can be repaired as downtime allows.
    • Results are analyzed by an Engineer and recommendations are made based upon the findings in the reports.
    • Meets the requirements of most insurance companies and may help reduce your premiums
  13. Power Factor and Harmonic Correction
    • Perform a Power Factor Test to determine your power factor and harmonic levels
    • Determine current power factor capacitors efficiencies
    • Recommend modifications to help reduce operating costs.
    • Design and install Power Factor Correction Systems and Harmonic Filters as necessary.
  14. Computer Aided Drafting (AutoCAD)
    • Create or Modify any AutoCAD drawing
    • Document any Project
    • One-Line Diagrams
    • P&IDs
    • Hazardous Location Drawings and Classifications
    • Print or re-print drawings up to and including D-size drawings
  15. Typical Electrical Equipment and Components that require Preventive Maintenance                           
    • Automatic Transfer Switches
    • Branch Circuit Breakers
    • Bus Ducts
    • Capacitors for Power Factor Correction
    • Disconnects
    • Distribution Panels
    • Emergency Generators
    • Emergency Lighting
    • High Voltage Testing
    • Lighting - Indoor and Outdoor
    • Motor Control Centers
    • Motor Starters
    • Motors - AC and DC
    • Power Distribution Units
    • Productions Machinery
    • Switchgear
    • Transformers
    • Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)
    • Variable Frequency Drives





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